Sunday, April 26

matt w. moore

boston-based artist, designer, and illustrator matt w. moore is the mastermind behind mwm graphics. you might want to check out his capabilities before you challenge this guy to a creative duel. each year matt puts out alphafont, a series of 6 x 6 inch, frame-ready prints that celebrate his new ideas and visual vocabulary. and if you thought those colors were bright, i leave you with mr. moores paint studio.

i finally found someone who shares my obsession for lists.
here is a quote from matt via behance magazine:

i have a funny system of organization that starts with yellow stickies. everything on the stickies is either a new task or a task for this week. longer-term projects make it onto the hand written full-size paper lists on my bulletin board. and then there is one final list that represents the “big ideas” that i want to do, and the projects that are recurring.


alexis maia said...

It's interesting to me how the past few artist's palettes have been muted, neutral tones (brown, grey, etc.) and then Matt brings back the brights. I heart 0/80/90/0.

creative holly said...

indeed. that is a nice was also chosen by hannah stouffer.