Thursday, April 23

jacqueline pytyck

designer and illustrator, jacqueline pytyck, creates the most beautifully surreal images. her influences* include japanese woodblock printing, inuit art, ukrainian textiles, and zdzislaw beksinski—an interesting combination. i think my favorite piece is bonsai, but i also really love brown nose. you can pick up t-shirts designed by jacqueline on monster threads.

when i play with colours, i often feel as though i am playing with mud. initially, i will select a series of unsaturated hues; dull greys, dirty browns, etc. it isnt until the end of the colour-mixing process that ill introduce a more pure and light-hearted colour to the gang, in hopes of eliminating the doom and gloom. i sit back and watch as that one colour struggles to lend its charisma to the others.

*influences obtained from yeeeeee.

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