Wednesday, April 22

dan may

dan may is, hands-down, my absolute favorite artist. watching his amorphic creatures float through cottony landscapes brings me joy like nothing else. dan has inspired me to go smaller with my own paintings and to take my time on the details. and, of course, his color is simply magical.

i ended up choosing 5 colors from one of my paintings…'what comes down, must go up'.

a quote from dan via hi-fructose:
the more i paint, the more i learn about the world im creating and how it relates to ours. i think this new body of work is more personal than past works and delves deeper into the emotions of the creatures inhibiting my world. ive always thought of my work as a sort of growth process, if its not continually evolving, then ive made a wrong turn along the way. though ive been drawing and painting for as long as i can remember, i consider myself to be at the very early stages of my professional career as an artist…im sure there will be many twists and turns as time goes by. moments such as this, when i actually take the time to stop and reflect are great because they allow me to really evaluate what has just occurred. its definitely a great time to refresh, before gearing up for the next body of work. i definitely try to embrace growth within my work and i hope that i never stop growing as an artist.

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