Saturday, April 25

raylene gorum

nyc artist & architect, raylene gorum has literally created a name for herself as an ‘artitexturalist’. she does these amazing tapings, or paintings made with tape and other hardware materials. and recently, shes been hard at work opening baby grand, a new singing bar and art gallery on the edges of soho, chinatown, and little italy!

these colors were inspired by raylenes taping, ‘natured-london.
1—the color of orange easiest to find in tape, as such it has
deeply penetrated my psyche and my art. 2—icy blue, verging on silver foil reflecting the sky. 3—between the color of skinny dipping water and sapphire, dark enough to hid in. 4—a rare orange in tape-land, exclusive danish hardware store find!…it smells like fresh peaches n cream. 5—maroon brown, the edge of brown where its almost purple in its lusciousness. perfect for the deep sheen of groomed horses.

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