Friday, April 3

hugh d’andrade

i saw hugh dandrades psycho kitty on the cover of communication arts last july and now i see his work all over san francisco. hes done stuff for stern grove, the ferry building, burning man—he even helped start the worldwide bicycle movement known as critical mass! thanks for all the inspiration hugh…your sleepless nights were worth it.

iron & the albatross
i used to call this color teal, but I recently learned that it’s really
a turquoise.

what rhymes with bastard?

s a green that is somewhere between kelly and olive that i just love.

anarchist bookfair posters

i like a gold that is not too bright. i
ve used it (or other golds) on posters for the anarchist bookfair because it offsets a good radical red really nicely. im selling sets of these posters for $100 as a benefit for a friend who was injured by soldiers at a protest in the west bank.)

rupa and the april fishes

how about a good, deep blue? not too purple-ly—i like a blue with some warmth to it.

laughing squid

how about a nice pink? can
t be too fuschia, not too magenta. i like a pink that looks a little old and dusty.

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