Saturday, April 18

tiffany bozic

tiffany bozic renders the most beautiful animals with what must be the smallest brush on the planet. you must click the view larger icon to truly appreciate all that she is capable of. i think our land, who’s winning, and the best intentions are my favorites…i can’t get enough of that red, and it works so well with those gorgeous sea greens. you can find tiffany’s prints and publications here.

sea green—this is my absolute favorite (bordering on obsessive) color. the color of the coral reefs in the south pacific. it is such a powerful color for me that i dont wear it or have it in my house.

mustard green—this has such a warmth to it. i imagine whenever i paint with it its like a moss blanket, all snugly and earthy.

black bean plum—this color is just gorgeous paired with greens and b&w. i think its deep, rich and very regal. grandmotherly almost.

warm clay—this color makes me feel so calm and reassured. and there
is no better texture in my mind than spinning warm clay on a wheel.

teal—a reliable favorite of mine and i wind up using it a lot in my work.
it is best friends with coral pink and gets along with red iron oxide.
a good base.

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