Thursday, April 9

jen lobo

jen lobo, animal painter extraordinaire, dreams of returning to school to be a scientist—i too have this dream. perhaps some of you can contribute to her science and research fund? that is, as long as she promises to continue painting!

lately, i think my palette has gotten simpler and simpler. i think it can
pretty much be boiled down to variants of subdued blues and greens, warm grays, and plenty of soft yellows. i am heavily inspired by jean baptiste oudry and his simple use of color. i think when i
m working i sort of take that influence with a mix of 17th and 18th century nature texts. it can never be perfectly replicated, though. only time can give it that
perfect warmth.


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

Hi, it's a very great blog!
I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
Keep doing!

creative holly said...

thank you for the encouragement!