Tuesday, April 28

megan kimber

megan kimber’s beautiful paintings make me feel as though im looking through an old piece of glass with all its beautiful distortions and refraction. this friday, megan is participating in beyond the page at gallery 1988 in san francisco where a number of artists will re-illustrate their favorite childrens books. for entrance, bring one new childrens book. it will be donated to the san francisco united school district. see you there!

1—rich, vibrant and neutral at the same time. 2—looks like pomegranate ice cream i had once and it looks good next to the first color. 3—the lightest, sweetest canary bird color. very calm. 4—its just a good neutral color to offset other richer colors. plus i like the slight earthy green of it. 5—a good rich sienna red. nice undercolor for lips or other areas of the body where blood is closer to the surface. wow that sounds weird.