Friday, September 10

christopher michel

who needs color with christopher michel around?! okay, that’s crazy talk coming from me, but you’ll understand as soon as you click here, here, and also here. the clarity, contrast, and composition—SO spectacular! now back to my senses. here’s some hot color action like you’re used to, both lady & man. christopher is more than just a talented photographer—you can read about his other endeavors here.

the 4 blue shades were chosen to represent the linear progression of people throughout their lives while the offset green box represents those who have chosen an altogether different path. i’m reminded of apple’s famous ad.

Thursday, September 9

randy polumbo

while i organize my thoughts from this year’s burn, here’s a fond memory from 2008:

i was biking through the playa at midnight when i came across a colorful garden of glowing sex toys*. it was a solar-powered art installation by randy polumbo, a pioneer for off-the-grid living. polumbo’s art was the talk of many that year, as it bobbled slightly in the cool desert breeze. you can view additional work by visiting randy’s website. AND for my favorite part—go here > videos > the grotto and garden of manifest destiny to see randy talk about his art and his experience at burning man.

*photo compliments of stargazer95050.