Thursday, April 16

creative thursday

creative thursday, began as a weekly routine that allowed marisa time to do something creative in addition to her 9 to 5. her cast of tiny characters includes an elephant, lila & lola, and a supercute owl to name a few of my favs. if you happen to be in los angeles next month, you can see the original paintings at black maria gallery.

having worked as both a graphic designer & then also an interior designer i have always LOVED color, and am often known for the strong vibrant colors in my painting backgrounds. i'm a huge fan of orange :) just recently i have been experimenting more with bursts of color on more subdued backgrounds as in this recent painting. but no matter what, color always works its way into my creations!


alexis maia said...

I'm a huge fan of orange too! I love how the yellow in this grouping manages to look cool next to the red. I would fave if I could. ;)

julie green (from up up and each penny pretty) said...

here via creative thursday's blog. your website is gorgeous. i love making palettes. such fun.

creative holly said...

thanks julie! i just checked out your blogs as well…i will be following : )

see you around.