Thursday, April 30

stefan bucher

stefan bucher is an exceptional writer, designer, and illustrator. he has received numerous design awards, is an active member of aiga—and yes, he can even write and draw upside down and backwards—impressive. but it was his spiney black monsters that captured the hearts of those outside his profession. people of all ages and backgrounds are captivated by buchers daily monster project, in which he drew 1 monster a day, for 100 days, and caught it all on video! if you havent witnessed this magic, prepare to be amazed.

1—deepest black, the edge of printing, the food of monsters. 2—pure paper. no ink at all. the alpha to omega. the perfect and most beautiful of foils. 3—this perfect orange has been with me since i was a wee donaldist back in the old country, to the shoes and ties of many a monster. 4—a canvas for monsters on 5—a favorite color for type, illustration, and spring leaves, and also the color of the solar-powered japanese dancing creature that keeps me company
at work (given to me by my friend emily).