Sunday, May 22


i just returned from the most thrilling art fair! actually, there were three this weekend: sf fine art fair, artmrkt, and artpadsf. the latter was my favorite. the first bit of awesome was the venue—the famed 50s-style phoenix hotel, located in the hottest art hood—the tenderloin. each of the participating galleries filled their glass-front hotel room with art and personal flair. the experience was uniquely san francisco, and each room reminded me of a different part of the city. they were playing good music next to a pool-side bar, all surrounded by mind-blowing art. i hope this event was successful enough to become a repeat occurrence.

Monday, February 28

elisa zeppilli

elisa zeppilli is the talent behind fluttuo, a refreshingly-original collection of jewelry that makes me giddy. elisa hand-picks the materials during her frequent travels through europe and the united states. my favorite fluttuo pieces from the 2011 collection include meryl & isabelle. from the 2010 birthday collection, i love this little daisy bracelet. go discover your favorites, and be sure to find fluttuo on facebook for photos and updates on new collections!

i took these colors from the original fluttuo logo because they represent the beginning of my passion. i started fluttuo because i needed to do something that i really felt was mine—i needed to free myself, my creativity and make something beautiful and really unique with my own hands.

the name fluttuo (i float, in italian) was born from the idea that wearing a fluttuo creation would make you feel happy and light almost like floating in the air. all the fluttuo pieces are unrepeatable. this means that every woman who chooses a fluttuo design will be the only one to own and wear it. i think it's important for each of us to find ourselves the way we really are, without following trends, but choosing our own style and soul.