Monday, August 17

peter sebastian

peter sebastian is the man behind wordboner, a daily source of entertainment for creative folk. peters use of typography, clean backgrounds, and a fancy frame commands us to stop, read, think, and sometimes laugh. the wordboners i enjoy most are fuck time, get away with everything, shitstorms, the trick, you die, expect the best, and grudge. find your favs and wear them proudly, or you can write and design your own here!

1—i think my most favorite color of all times. its the color of blood, passion, drama, its intense and controversial in some way. 2—im not keen on pink, but this shade suits me. i dont use it a lot, i dont wear it, but this shade is pleasing. 3—i think its a very hard color to like, it took me a while, but now its one of my favorite ones. 4—i never use too much of this shade in my designs -its way too happy and chirpy- but i do love it secretly. i wouldnt mind having a whole room in intense yellow. 5—all shades of gray have a special place in my heart. i love this one, its intense, almost black.

Sunday, August 16

will cotton

will cotton is known for painting lovely ladies lounging on cotton candy clouds. he is a master of texture—i can feel the sticky and the smooth as i wander through the candy landscapes. i especially love the way cotton renders the female form—like strawberry cream with those perfectly-placed pink reflections. some of my favorite pieces are paradise lost, cotton candy sky, pretty, and this ribbon candy portrait. cotton typically paints his figures from life and uses his studio oven to bake models of the colorful confections.

pistachio is my favorite color | cotton candy cloud | just beautiful pure red | marzipan flesh | excellent black, just barely warm

Saturday, August 15

paola zakimi

paola zakimi is an exquisite doll maker living in argentina. she carefully sculpts, sands, paints, and clothes each one. when finished, she captures the doll in a charming portrait. here are a few of my favorite little characters—abigael, girolamo, matryoska, and this unamed girl. you can adopt a doll by visiting paolas etsy shop.

these colors are from my last painting and le petite cocoon. i am currently working on a new piece with similar light colors.

Friday, August 14

erik hamline

minneapolis-based designer, erik hamline, has created some memorable identity pieces among other things. i am particularly excited about his seaward and belmont associates projects. and, as a fan of neon, i must bring your attention to this curious letterpress ephemera created for aiga minnesotas design camp—i would love to see this one in person. erik currently runs hot snot print shop with fellow creative, david dresbach.

of the things i need/want to consume and buy and surround myself with i am only drawn to raw materials—iron, wood, stone, leather, glass, etc. character, i feel, is the most desirable and aesthetically pleasing trait an object or a person or a place can carry. age, weather, use. im really drawn to history and looking at things and places, and seeing all of the hands that have used that tool and all of the feet that have mulled over the bricks—it really hits a sweet spot for me. these places and things have been around a whole hell of a lot longer than i have and will continue to be perfectly functional well after im dead.

these particular ones are snatched from a snapshot of some high plains in new mexico. there is so much color and vivid contrasts in the places that tend to be portrayed as the most plain.

Thursday, August 13

stefano bonazzi

the work of italian digital artist, stefano bonazzi is dark and stunning. his subjects and their environments are eerily charming. bonazzi uses a combination of charcoal, digital photography, and photo retouching to bring his surreal world to life. i cant look away from the last day on earth, part i. i am also fond of dreamland and le sorelle attesa from bonazzis nonsense series. and, for those who prefer high-key, here is a unique untitled piece.

i think these colors represent me and my vision of the world. they are unusual and hard to find in nature—this is why i like them.

Wednesday, August 12

jenny lee fowler

artist, jenny lee fowler, says so much with her small, silent silhouettes. she carefully observes her subjects and intricately carves each piece by hand into delicate objects such as leaves, bark, and paper. her talent flourished from a ritual in which she cut a snowflake each time it snowed. my favorite snowflakes are watering together and circle of family. favorite portraits include mystery silhouette 13—i especially love the curved stem—and the lovely rings on mom. fowler creates these charming pieces on a small farm with her family in the hudson river valley—heres a peek at her wonderful studio!

orange is bristle and wing | birch is a palette | red is to flock to | green is found | black is a hammer i swing every day

Monday, August 10

elsa chaves

infographic designer, elsa chaves just completed a cross-country move from brooklyn to portland—welcome to the west coast! it was her honey icons that caught my eye, but im also fond of her cosmos slab serif type. elsa runs a creative collective known as always with honor with her fiancé, tyler lang. they created these exciting transparencies for good magazine among other things. awhs goal is to turn complex information into simple and fun designs…who doesn’t love that?

this is a collection of colors that consistently seem to sneak their way
into my work. i
m very into yellow right now, and ive always been into bright colors in my personal work, they just make everything more fun
and engaging.

Saturday, August 8

alexis marcou

talented british artist, alexis marcou, spends his days in gorgeous greece. what i love about marcous work is that his lines are simultaneously fluid and soft, yet raw and fierce. my favorite projects are those in which he combines type with his beautifully-rendered drawings, as in fuel and panda. you can find prints by marcou here.

my colors are very minimal and i usually prefer to have a slight contrast between them in order to emphasize the pencil work.

Sunday, August 2

eika dopludo

russian artist, eika dopludo is responsible for all sorts of innovative creations, including this inspirational poster project—i get so excited when i stumble upon messages such as these. eika also does beautifully intricate pencil drawings—hair abstraction and in love are my favs. and if youre a fan of interior design, take a look at these stunning wall and pillow projects. here is one fun final link because i cannot deny a monster.

my lips | night sky | the sea | my husbands eyes | how i feel now