Tuesday, July 27

elodie rambaud

everything elodie rambaud touches turns to pretty. in addition to her eye for color and detail, this french stylist has such a charming sense of composition, and much of her work features FOOD—even better! you may want to grab a snack—favorite elodie stylings include pea chervil, blueberries, and meringue. if you’re a fan of interiors, don’t miss her interior styling portfolio.

p.s. who knew that particular yellow would look SO good next to that pink?

Sunday, July 11

cynthia ona innis

what i find most compelling about the work of cynthia ona innis is the way she captures the flourishing minutia of life. i have been admiring her work for some time, but last month i was able to view it in person at the sf fine art fair— the online photos simply do not do her justice. my favorite pieces include tug, fugitive, and power plant. if you’ll be in los angeles this november, be sure to attend her show at the walter maciel gallery!

i worked with summertime childhood memories to come up with these colors. growing up near the beach & bay in san diego, the colors of the water kept coming to mind. then there are a few other colors: my mom’s (paint-peeling) car in the 70s/80s and this bubblegum ice cream they made by hand at ocean beach.