Wednesday, April 1

kelly tunstall

i first saw the art of kelly tunstall at 111 minna in san francisco. i love her long-limbed girls—they are so demure, yet empowered. i can’t wait to see her new work this may!

these are colors from the house i am moving into and moving out of…
and some other project. as i write, my studio and home are packed up
and ready to combine into one, so i feel it
s very appropriate and
satisfying to mix up some ink!

the gray is my current interior, which i love and am sad to leave,
the second is my future exterior color, the third is an accent and just a
plain favorite color, the fourth is my future bathroom and also the
prada interior brand green (or close), the fifth is the accent for
bar crudo, a restaurant i am helping with interiors and murals.

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