Monday, May 11

mimi woo

mimi woo built a career as a package designer in nyc, but her heart longed for something more. after designing the stationery for her own wedding, she realized her true passion and opened up a beautiful stationery shop known as mika78—a place of stunning typography and fanciful flourishes, all printed on 100% cotton, tree-free paper. my favorite is the quote collection, but mimi also offers custom services for those that plan ahead. if you’d like to see what keeps this busy romantic inspired, stop by her blog, seveneight.

i chose these colors because i’m a hopeless romantic; i love soft, muted colors and anything vintage. at the same time, i like to add a bit of whimsy to everything i design, so the hit of aqua takes an otherwise calming palette and kicks it up a notch. i like how it instantly makes it feel more modern and fresh. gotta love the power of color!


caroline duke said...

fantastic work. i'm so jealous. if i could quit my job and do anything, it'd be what she's doing.

and looks like her blog will be a new favorite, too.

thanks, holly! and mimi!

creative holly said...

she certainly does have a dream job. i think the only downside would be the occasional panicked bride...not sure i could handle that. but if mimi's demeanor is as calming as her colors, she must put their minds at ease.