Friday, May 22

vincent altamore

vincent altamores ability to capture likeness is remarkable, and i absolutely love his caricature style. i first saw his work in the 2008 commarts illustration annual—he did a portrait of johnny depp. some of my favorite sketches include those of hugh laurie, steve buscemi, frida kahlo, and tim burton.

1—because it reminded me of my dogs fur...and that makes me happy. 2—the color of a nice glass of cabernet…now all i need is a piece of aged provolone and some warm bread. 3—i just thought it was a perfect blue…the color you want your sky to be after a really bad storm. 4—total black, just so quiet…like standing on the bow of ship in the middle of the ocean at night. 5—the color of fresh, clean linen thats been dried on an outdoor clothesline.