Wednesday, May 6

frank gonzales

i first saw the work of frank gonzales online and i must admit, i hit the refresh button a couple times. at first glance, franks work appears to be digital images struggling to resume motion—i absolutely adore this idea, especially since he typically captures birds. most of franks paintings are acrylic because he prefers the immediacy and elasticity of the medium. i think this little guy is my favorite, but his figures and landscapes are equally notable. check out franks blog to watch his paintings evolve.

most of these colors are sort of anchors that i use to mix from or add to other colors. i like the way they look together. they look tasty don't they?


tbobb said...

I love all the birds he painted! They are incredible.

Anne-Davnes Dusenberry Elser said...

Beautiful. I remember a professor telling me not to paint the colors of grass, sky, flowers, stone, etc., but to paint the LIGHT instead. This idea was very liberating. Opening me up to all kinds of colors I wasn't seeing.

creative holly said...

agreed...without light there is no color.