Tuesday, May 5

brandi milne

the art of brandi milne feels familiar, yet foreign. i was first attracted by her rosey-cheeked characters and their gleeful expressions, but what held my stare was the deeper sense of desperation that lingered behind their frozen smiles. on occasion, these characters are visited by a serene and elegant girl that towers over them. the girls in milnes world seem to be holding onto what they value most in a world riddled with chaos. you can find original paintings from brandis most recent show, run rabbit, run at thinkspace gallery.

im attracted to primary colors, bold & saturated. i always have been—even grabbing colors in my box of crayons growing up. i relate to em much better—i think in em, i wear em, they call my name. to me theyre not pretentious, theyre more silly and fun which better describes personalities im attracted to as well.


creative holly said...

sidenote: yesterday i was riding the bus home with my new copy of hi-fructose, while admiring the work of a talented (and new to me) artist, brandi milne. when i returned home, i discovered that brandi was a new follower of my blog. i had been reading her interview, coincidentally written by lainya magana (who recently interviewed me on her blog) at the same time brandi milne was reading my blog!

what a small, funny world.

caroline duke said...

i like these colors. they remind me of 1940s travels.

p.s. fun color exhibit in sf: http://drollgirl.blogspot.com/2009/05/jeongmee-yoon-at-jenkins-johnson.html