Thursday, May 21

james roper

i experienced what’s known as a peak shift* when i viewed this painting by the amazing, james roper. other favorites include ‘cytherea explicates the enfolded’ and ‘the involuted submergent’. james is an artist living in manchester, who spends most of his time creating jaw-dropping acrylic paintings; however, he also contributes to a number of other mediums including drawing, graphic, sculpture, and most recently, film.

space | blood | flesh | sky | light

*james describes peak shift: i predominantly choose images and try to create forms which i feel register a visual ‘peak shift’, a term given to the phenomena of ‘neurological attraction’ that appears in both humans and animals to an extreme characterization of an object. peak shift has been suggested by the neuroscientist v.s. ramachandran as one of the ‘10 universal laws of art’. read more…

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