Tuesday, May 12

heiko windisch

i first saw heiko windischs intricate drawings on lovely package. his monsters make me want to drink vodka and buy art...cant go wrong there. i also love heikos pandarama and veículo—as you can see he is a fan of neutrals with a color pop…my favorite! heiko resides in heidelberg, germany, but dont fret you can also say hello in english, spanish and french. check out heikos select series t-shirt—it made me question my solid-shirt ways.

heiko discusses his color palettes in an interview with noise:
before i started doing what i do now i worked in full colour, but i grew tired of it at some point. line drawings have always been my favourite, ever since i spent most of my school attendance scribbling away, so i switched back to that and worked on my skills at it. sticking with the basic nature of it, i wondered what would be the most ‘basic’ colour combination, and naturally i came across primary colours. i did not like red/green/blue nor red/yellow/blue, so i chose cyan/magenta/yellow. it had a strange appeal to it, being so scientific and somewhat un-natural, yet quite charming in a way.

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tbobb said...

I definitely think you should get one of his shirts.