Saturday, May 16

stina persson

the way stina persson captures light and mood is truly unique and her colors are the perfect compliment. stina has an understanding of negative space that i admire. the white portions of her illustrations are just as important in defining forms, as the brilliantly-colored shapes that command so much attention. i also love the stark contrast in her edgy series. i hope to see stinas work in person someday. until then, i will return to her beautiful website, where her paintings are large enough to appreciate the texture of the paper.

1 | 0 | 100 | 0very yellow. just what you need when you are still wearing hats and gloves in may (stockholm is way too close to the north pole).

1 | 72 | 100 | 0bright orange. reminds me of the mandarins we buy when we go to sicily. the old school ones with plenty of pits and plenty
of flavor. the ones that taste like mandarine candy. or was it the other
way around?

2 | 93 | 100 | 0happy red. it might just be the best color.

2 | 100 | 4 | 0
pink is the navy blue of india (diana vreeland).

17 | 95 | 0 | 0
more pink—or fuchsia rather.

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