Tuesday, May 19

marc johns

i can barely contain my amusement long enough to write this short bio,
so just do yourself a favor and read about the extremely talented and hilarious artist, marc johns, here. the first johns illustration i ever saw was if i had arms, and i am still recovering. this guy has a gift for saying so much with so little and he makes everyone laugh along the way. you can find original art and prints in marcs shop or you can visit amazon to purchase marc’s first book, serious drawings.

these colours were taken from a number of my watercolour drawings. they represent the most common colours i use, the ones i keep returning to. they are from watercolours, so there is a great deal of depth and variation in the washes they create. to summarize them with cmyk codes does them a bit of a disservice, as i rarely use actual solid colours. nonetheless, when you look at these swatches, you see the palette that has served me well for a number of years. oh, and if i could add one more, it would be white or off-white, the colour of the paper i use!

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aunt trish said...

I like the dessert for incident, but my favorite is time for a trim.