Thursday, May 7

jason limón

last friday jason limón became an instant-favorite when i saw his work at gallery 1988. the show was beyond the page—each artist did their take on a classic childrens story. i thought limóns cat in the hat rendition, entitled my tricks are quite safe, was a great idea and beautifully rendered in his style.

i pictured a line of old cars. they sit in the hot sun surrounded by tall, dry grass. erosion and rust have overtaken the parts that remain. in the center of these forgotten machines a young tree grows with a narrow trunk filled with sprouts of life. metal tops peak out into the open. light hits the places where small chips of paint cling to the bodies. these tiny, sun parched flecks of color are where my eyes travel. these are the colors that have seen time and look ahead to what may come.


Anonymous said...

love this one ... and love your blog [which i just discovered!]

creative holly said...

these are great colors and jason's description makes them even better.

thank you for the kind words.