Sunday, May 3

nanami cowdroy

nanami cowdroy uses a variety of materials to create her monochromatic masterpieces, including pen, pencil, ink, watercolor and even spray paint. the word nanami means ‘seven seas’ in japanese. how appropriate as her art reminds me of the unpredictable dark waves of a restless ocean. her use of line, texture, and contrast keeps my eyes in constant motion, floating about until they find that perfectly-placed white space and finish with her signature stamp in red.

im pretty black and white about things, and definitely enjoy embracing grey areas also. i personally love the richness and boldness of the colour black, and im always drawn to the complex depth, varying intensity and tones that can be seen and found when one looks closely enough. it seeps beyond the surface and to me, has an enticing enigmatic and eternal quality about it (if that makes any sense)…and on a slightly brighter note, red aint too bad either ;)


caroline duke said...

love 'em.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting she picked the same colors as Elson, yet they have very contrasting styles.