Thursday, June 25

mayuko fujino

mayuko fujino creates some of the most gorgeous paper collages i’ve ever seen. i love the composition, shapes, color, subject—everything. my favorite piece is heavenly bodies #17, but other notables include heavenly bodies #5, black hummingbird, red wave, and this recent piece from mayuko’s upcoming solo show—the day of the sea (海の日 / umi no hi). the show opens in tokyo on july 20th. i hope to see some of mayuko’s work when i visit japan this september!

currently i’ve been working on new pieces for my solo show in july, and i use colors like these very often lately. i’m in the mood for these.


thebobbs said...

I love the lighthouse, of course. His work is very fun.

creative holly said...

mayuko is a she...i should probably be sure to use personal pronouns when i talk about artists from other countries ; )

her work is very fun...and tediously intricate.