Tuesday, June 9

josh kenyon

josh kenyon has found the perfect balance of design and illustration.
i absolutely love this wedding invitationthis one too! his diverse
portfolio is filled with all kinds of fun, including guitars and this
coveted bathroom.

i have pretty much only been designing in these colors for the past couple months. i am currently working on a zine/show with colby nichols under our collaboration name JOLBY. i know its a wacky palette but it was something that made me smile. i think thats how i always pick colors.


Tooninator said...

well this is certainly a clever blog. I read about it over at Vincent Altamore's blog. Great thing you've got going.

creative holly said...

thank you...so nice to hear! this is my first blog and i really love working on it.

tbobb said...

The bathroom is my favorite. Very fun!