Friday, June 26

andrew bell

the head of andrew bell is filled with all kinds of things that may shock, scare, disturb, or just make you giggle. on occasion, i experience all
those feelings at once and i love it! my favorite creatures include for the dog, comb over, imaeachoo, picker, metitis, and tony danza…hee hee. you can also find all kinds of fun things, including toys and books, in andrew’s shop.

while i have recently been experimenting with bright colors, muted colors and everything in between, these few shades of grey, black and red will always be the bare minimum that i require to express myself. they may seem boring, but to me they are colors of infinite possibility. you’ll see them represented in thousands of creature drawings from the last 7 years, as well as in my own company branding and name. what is black, white and red all over?…a dead zebra.


Romain said...

Hi Holly,

is your email working ? I tried to answer you, but it didn't work out.



creative holly said...

hey romain. i think my email is working...i have received other emails in the last couple days. it is

thebobbs said...

These are funny!