Friday, June 19

áron jancsó

hungarian type-extraordinaire, áron jancsó loves to create type from scratch. he dreams it, draws it, measures it, painstakingly refines it and then presents it to the world. some of my favorite jancsó pieces include a type portrait, his experimental name piece, the wonderful opportunity poster, and a french film festival poster. i’m hoping his type will be available for purchase soon!


thebobbs said...

I really like his work. I think my favorite is the type portrait.

Holly said...

best combo

aron said...

thanks thebobbs!
btw the colors are from my clothes :)
the last two from my hoodie, green from tee, dark brown pants, and well, my shoes are white, but i didnt wanted to send in white coz the background.

creative holly said...

fun! i believe you're the first to send me a clothing-inspired palette.