Monday, August 17

peter sebastian

peter sebastian is the man behind wordboner, a daily source of entertainment for creative folk. peters use of typography, clean backgrounds, and a fancy frame commands us to stop, read, think, and sometimes laugh. the wordboners i enjoy most are fuck time, get away with everything, shitstorms, the trick, you die, expect the best, and grudge. find your favs and wear them proudly, or you can write and design your own here!

1—i think my most favorite color of all times. its the color of blood, passion, drama, its intense and controversial in some way. 2—im not keen on pink, but this shade suits me. i dont use it a lot, i dont wear it, but this shade is pleasing. 3—i think its a very hard color to like, it took me a while, but now its one of my favorite ones. 4—i never use too much of this shade in my designs -its way too happy and chirpy- but i do love it secretly. i wouldnt mind having a whole room in intense yellow. 5—all shades of gray have a special place in my heart. i love this one, its intense, almost black.

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