Friday, August 14

erik hamline

minneapolis-based designer, erik hamline, has created some memorable identity pieces among other things. i am particularly excited about his seaward and belmont associates projects. and, as a fan of neon, i must bring your attention to this curious letterpress ephemera created for aiga minnesotas design camp—i would love to see this one in person. erik currently runs hot snot print shop with fellow creative, david dresbach.

of the things i need/want to consume and buy and surround myself with i am only drawn to raw materials—iron, wood, stone, leather, glass, etc. character, i feel, is the most desirable and aesthetically pleasing trait an object or a person or a place can carry. age, weather, use. im really drawn to history and looking at things and places, and seeing all of the hands that have used that tool and all of the feet that have mulled over the bricks—it really hits a sweet spot for me. these places and things have been around a whole hell of a lot longer than i have and will continue to be perfectly functional well after im dead.

these particular ones are snatched from a snapshot of some high plains in new mexico. there is so much color and vivid contrasts in the places that tend to be portrayed as the most plain.

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