Monday, August 10

elsa chaves

infographic designer, elsa chaves just completed a cross-country move from brooklyn to portland—welcome to the west coast! it was her honey icons that caught my eye, but im also fond of her cosmos slab serif type. elsa runs a creative collective known as always with honor with her fiancé, tyler lang. they created these exciting transparencies for good magazine among other things. awhs goal is to turn complex information into simple and fun designs…who doesn’t love that?

this is a collection of colors that consistently seem to sneak their way
into my work. i
m very into yellow right now, and ive always been into bright colors in my personal work, they just make everything more fun
and engaging.


caroline duke said...

YES! i loved those infographics when i first spied them. glad to see some more of her work!

creative holly said...

and i just realized that she is my 100th post!