Monday, March 16

brendan monroe

i cannot stop staring into the paintings of brendan monroe. i see something new each time, and the color is spectacular. i think ‘morgan and kateneh might be my favorite. you can view brendan's work in person through this wednesday at park life in san francisco.

the bright vivid red is the most important. somehow it draws me in. i gravitate toward it, i don’t know why but i just do. it’s lust and anger, evil and passion, blood, heat and love. the others help support it. the deep and dark red should always be painted with countless layers, nearly the same in color, so that it can be complicated and immense. the orange is a little less vivid and closer to earth. the green hot with yellow and magenta, it's very important not to let it go cool. the yellow ochre rounds them out and sets them off.

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