Friday, March 20

cam & alexis vilay

my friends and fellow creatives, alexis marzolf and cam vilay, were married today in an intimate ceremony at city hall in san francisco. congratulations you two!

these colors were inspired by the day.


Cam Vilay said...

This is such a thoughtful site. I'm very impressed!

Keep up the great work, and thank you for everything. The pictures from the wedding turned out great!

I am very thankful that you are such a good friend to Alexis, and now me, oh and the little baby :)

BTW - if you google "Cam Vilay", your site comes up on my 2nd search page. You're up moving quick!

creative holly said...

aw, thank you cam!

there are over 200 more wedding photos awaiting you on dvd…if alexis ever gets well and comes back to work.

Cam said...

Great. You've moved onto the first page..