Thursday, March 12

caroline duke

my best friend might be a fan of the former, but her style is certainly not passé. this talented writer finances her greed as a newspaper nerd, and her blog, i am a greedy girl, inspires me to shop like no other.

i've always drawn inspiration from all things bygone, whether it be music, movies, photography or fashion. right now i'm drawing a lot of color inspiration from technicolor films, like singin' in the rain or an american in paris—crazy colors in crazier costumes that we don't see enough of these days. don't you think the world would be a lot nicer if technicolor sequins were a part of our every day?


扑克之旅 said...

nice to meet you
welcome to my blog page if you have time.
best wishes for you!

creative holly color said...

oh how nice...thank you! i will definitely stop by.

Holly said...

another holly!! what a creative blog idea. i just LOVE this pallette!

creative holly said...

hello other holly. we met on greedy girl's blog. collecting colors is fun...hopefully i can do a post each day. i have a LONG list of creatives i can't wait to feature!