Tuesday, February 2

allison cole

allison cole is a fantabulous illustrator working her surface-design magic in providence, rhode island. her illustrations are very charming, and the best part is when she gives vegetables a voice. my favorites include veggie poster, what i wore today, feathers, robots, and take us home, which can be purchased on a tote—hooray! for updates, be sure to stop by allison’s blog, and if you’re a comic fan, take a look at her never ending summer.

recently i’m loving nature-inspired colors and really looking forward to spring. i love using shades of the same color and creating texture within the different values.


caroline duke said...

i love those robot and feather patterns and especially her 'what i wore today.'

funnnn funnnn.

JenKeller said...

That vegie poster is a stitch... and I LOVE that tote! Great post.. hope you're good!