Friday, February 5

27th birthday

i wrote this to remember what i was thinking on my 27th birthday. since moving to san francisco (2005), my life has been filled with exciting new challenges—grad school (2006 to 2008), this color blog (2008), a return to freelance (2009), and a trip to the other side of the planet (2009). 2010 has barely begun, yet i feel aimless and uncertain. perhaps it’s because i haven’t made any specific goals, or it could be that my husband recently finished school and is looking for work. we are uniquely connected so his dismal results could definitely be contributing to my recent state of ennui. it might also be my inability to choose a vocation. i want to learn, create, and help, but i do so many different things that i am often at a loss as to where to begin and what i should really be doing.

i had to get out, so i hopped on the closest bus and took off toward golden gate park. i filled my day photographing bits of the park and the many flora at the conservatory of flowers. i finished the day with a giant burrito and a slice of vegan chocolate cake. although it didn’t cure my current state of mind, it did remind me that even though i’m not my usual happy-as-a-clam self, i still have the ability to create, and that’s something worth celebrating.


alexis maia said...

We can always take comfort in our ability to create. <3

Jen Oaks said...


carol c said...

indeed. the new year isn't thriving w/ the work opportunities that we seek but I too am dwelling on this time to create and invent. you are not alone. we are all confused and bemused by life's predicament.

creative holly said...

thank you friends.

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Greetings Holly,

Glad to know you had a change of surroundings. It always help the mind. Take it from an old timer, never force the decision, it will appear naturally.

Warmest regards,

andrea young said...

love love love.
and altho this comes over a month delayed, kuddos. i want to learn, help, & create too and sometimes with so many options of how to do so, we must just take a moment for ourselves to recoup. so that our next work is all the better.