Tuesday, October 19

dana oldfather

dana oldfather’s progressive colors and organic forms inspire feelings of quiet euphoria. unknown creatures reminiscent of space and sea float about in a delightful mess of oils, alkyd & marker. among my favorites are feeding, candy coated couch, waking, and this lovely minaret print from little paper planes. you can view her studio (always fun for me), paintings in progress, and show updates on her blog.

dana chose these colors from crowning fire, a new painting, which will be on display november 19th through december 31st at the bonfoey gallery in cleveland, ohio.

in art i have always tried to connect to the world through beauty. each work is an attempt to elegantly express the embodiment of paradox; a physical manifestation of conflicting desires communicated in an abstract arrangement of forms.

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aintshakespeare said...

Nice palette. And those paintings are totally awesome. I love her use of color. Very cool. Thanks.