Wednesday, March 10


AHH…i just realized that today is my one-year blogiversary—how exciting! exactly one year ago today i started collecting cmyk colors. i am thrilled at how many wonderfully-creative people decided to participate! i love watching for parallels between the colors and a person’s life, and in some cases, the shock of finding the complete opposite. i think one’s color palette is not unlike their shoes—it says so much about them.

here is a look at my colors from a year ago…not much has changed.


caroline duke said...

hooray! i am a day late, but that makes it even better.

happy blogiversary!

creative holly said...

thank you! i actually forgot to hit publish, as i often do, so the post showed up a day late ; )

m.fay said...

happy blogiversary, luck and happy postings for another inspiring year of color!


creative holly said...

thank you m.fay! i'm currently captivated by your blog ; )