Thursday, July 30

mikey burton

mikey burton is a talented designer located in philadelphia. his super fabulous letterpress coasters first caught my eye and the fun continued with his logos—my favorite being the death + taxes masthead. im also a fan of his comic book shop project and these three posters—wilco, joanna newsom, and ohio citizen action. some of mikeys posters are available for purchase here…yay!

this is the color palette i developed for, but i find these colors keep appearing in all of my work. i cant tell you how many times ive used a light blue and orange-red together. im not quite sure why this is. i find the majority of work ive done so far in my career is for clients on a very tight budget where im constrained to using 1 or 2 colors. a lot of times, i find myself pairing a pop color against black. high impact color for the least amount of money. im also quite partial to metallic silver.

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